This site provides information on the North Carolina Government Finance Officers Association (NCGFOA), an association of over 400 local government finance officers. The purpose of this Association is to promote the improvement of the methods of governmental financing in North Carolina as developed and recommended by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, The Department of the State Treasurer, and other recognized authorities in the field of government administration.

Active membership is open to all finance or accounting officers, whether elected or appointed, employed in any public jurisdiction of the State.  Associate membership is open to any other person who is interested in the principles and practices of governmental finance and who supports the purposes of the Association. If interested visit New Membership for more detailed information. 

The Association holds two formal meetings: a business meeting in the spring, and another meeting in the summer. Visit Current Events to see when the next one will be held and if reservations for any upcoming conferences have started.

The North Carolina Public Finance Officers’ Certification Program is sponsored by The NCGFOA.  The examinations for the program are held twice a year; visit Certificate Program for more information about the program and upcoming examination dates.





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COVID-19 and conferences

The annual spring conference will be held virtually on April 7th to 9th

Sponsorship information can be found here

The board is planning to host the annual summer conference.  At this point the format of the conference, virtual versus in-person, has not been determined. As soon as a decision has been made this will be communicated with the association members. 

The Board of Directors are continually monitoring the situation and receiving updates from various organizations.  Should anything change we will notify the membership as soon as possible, so that you can make any necessary changes in your travel plans. 



Here is a link to several COVID-19 resources:

NC Department of State Treasurer - COVID-19 resources

NC League of Municipalities - COVID-19 resources

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Spring Conference 2021
Key Items:


Spring Conference 2021 Agenda 


Spring Conference 2020 - Business Meeting Minutes 


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NC Department of State Treasurer - Local Government Finance Course and Online Version






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